Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Rainy Day

Just another rainy day was that. It was raining too badly. News flashes about water-logging, train service disruptions, traffic jams; all as a prelude to a day when I had to travel a lot and do a number of things, all of which were essential and could not be postponed.

I waited for the bus to arrive. It was half an hour since I had reached the bus stop but there were no signs that the bus would arrive on time. I began noticing some people, some actions, some trees, some ripples on the street, which was a definite sign that it was a good time to click. I rushed back home, picked up my camera, and came back to the bus stop. It was too risky to have the camera in hand when it was raining cats n dogs out there, but I couldnt resist. I had taken due care. I began clicking. With a heavy bag on my shoulders, an umbrella tucked in between two buttons of my shirt so that it remained in the same position and that I did not have to hold it. In fact 'I' looked really funny in that shape. I would never let that scene go uncapturred.

I enjoyed the next half an hour taking pictures of the people walking in rain, cars and bikes cutting through the water on the streets, trees wearing a brighter green again, and just everything that was around.

I boarded the bus which arrived after then. I got a seat, closed my eyes and felt asleep with a strange sort of satisfaction.

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